Hello, my name is Benjamin Overmier. I am a small-town southern man, husband and son. I am also a father to two handsome little country boys, an entrepreneur, online business owner, health and fitness influencer, as well as an affiliate marketer and digital marketing coach.

My story begins when I was young, about 7 years old. I fell in love with gardening. I know this doesn’t seem relevant now, but it will. Anyway, as I grew older throughout my years, I fell more in love and thirsted for more knowledge of the outdoors. With this, I became what I like to call a survivalist. I learned and grew up doing everything from foraging for wild edible plants, hunting, fishing, survival challenges, bushcraft, to making my own medicinal pastes and salves from anything I could find outdoors. Well, now into adulthood and parenthood, I have realized that I not only loved the outdoors, but also fitness and what nature provides for our health. I then delved into the world of supplements, health and fitness. As we all know today, not all pharmaceuticals are good for us, nor healthy for our body’s natural functions. I believe we are gifted with everything we could ever need for sustainability right here on planet earth with what nature provides. Now married with kids, I thought “I want to share my love of these things with my wife and kids, but what if I could monetize it?!” that is how I started on my journey, going down the rabbit hole of affiliate and digital marketing. Now in today’s world I have noticed that the majority of people struggle with 3 things. Those things are money, fitness, and health. Those 3 things are the main reason I have decided to become an entrepreneur and digital marketer. From finding the best courses or books to teach digital marketing, starting your own online business, growing your online business and online wealth building, to finding all natural supplements for a healthier you, or fitness programs/weight loss and fitness supplements. I want to share my findings and all of my years of research as well as current research on healthy all natural supplements, wealth building, as well as health and fitness with everyone. So, whether you’re looking to start an online business, learn digital marketing, SEO, sales funnels, lead generation, E-Mail marketing, website building, landing pages, scale a business, need coaching, want all natural supplements for you and your family, or you want to get into health and fitness supplements, or even if you’re looking for some new apparel to try out, I’ve got you covered! I understand what it’s like to struggle and stress, not knowing where to begin or where to look. That’s exactly the reason I decided to help anyone that I can, with all of the years and hours of research scrolling through hundreds if not thousands of websites and article reading, so you don’t have to struggle like I did! I wish you the very best and I hope to lead you in the right direction so you, and your family, can be the best you possible!

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